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Keep Customers Happy And Keep Wait Times to A Minimum With These Resources

Enhance your customer service experience by using the many great features available from Contact One Call Center. You can learn more about these services by visiting the following websites or calling us at 1-800-278-3347!   Find a few simple tips for planning a corporate event in a hotel venue at USAToday.com.   Get more information…

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Tips for Making Your Next Professional Event a Success

Hosting a corporate event can be a great way to spread awareness, gain support, and attract new clients. Starting early will allow you to find all of the details you need, such as a venue or answering service, making it easier to plan a successful event. Keep these tips in mind when planning your event:…

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Phone Communication Tips

The phone plays an important role in a variety of different businesses. A majority of communication with clients takes place on the phone, making it an essential part of the office. Learning how to properly speak with clients on the phone will allow you and your business to enjoy higher sales as well as more…

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Get More Customer Service Tips For Your Business With These Links

Are your customers as happy as they could be? If you’re wondering how to streamline and improve your company’s customer service, consult these excellent online resources. For more information on how using a call center can benefit your company, call Contact One Call Center at 1-800-278-3347.   This article from Inc. magazine explores some of…

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Why Order Taking Is Vital for Small E-Commerce and Catalog Businesses

An effective order taking procedure is the backbone of any business that sells directly to customers. If a customer is left waiting on the phone for too long, or if your company doesn’t have after hours support to communicate around the clock, your e-commerce or catalog-based company may well lose important sales.   Here are…

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The Importance of Attitude In Customer Service

In order to ensure positive and productive communication with customers, the customer’s perspective must always be kept in mind. Consider tone of voice: a customer who is spoken to in a tone that is courteous, pleasant, and professional is much more likely to respond in kind. As this video explains, body language also matters: A…

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Check Out These Articles For More Tips On Improving Your Customer Experience

Customer satisfaction is essential to a healthy and growing business. Read through these customer service resources to make sure you’re providing top-notch support. Call Contact One Call Center at (800) 278-3347 for professional and courteous call center service—we are a multi-lingual service! Would you like to know more about the connection between customer service and…

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Common Signs Your Business Could Benefit from Live Chat

Not having a proper customer service department basically renders advertising and word-of-mouth useless. You can’t get new customers if you don’t connect with when they reach out to your business. Live chat is a customer service offering that provides website visitors the option to chat live via instant messaging with a customer service representative. This…

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Is it okay if I borrow another company’s ideas?

You don’t always need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to improving your company. I’m not talking about stealing trade secrets.  I don’t recommend copying another businesses website content.  However, there are times when it’s okay to borrow other companies ideas.