Call Center Services In Phoenix, Tucson and Nationwide

We’re in the business of seamless human response. Whatever the nature of your business, Contact One can ensure that your customers always receive cheerful, innovative service from an actual person at our contact center in Tucson, Phoenix, and Nationwide.

How are we different?

We become part of your team.
Our virtual receptionists in Phoenix set appointments and are trained to understand your business so they become an extension of your team. We provide the same quality of service to your customers that an in-house employee would, with the added benefit of 24/7 availability. The agents and virtual receptionists at our Phoenix contact center provide seamless, accurate information.
Our agents provide seamless, accurate information.
When you hire an answering service, you’re hiring someone to represent your company. That’s why each of our agents undergoes a comprehensive selection and training process that guarantees they can manage calls accurately and seamlessly on your behalf.
We design solutions just for your business.
Every business is different. The services from our Phoenix-based contact center are customized to your specifications, so you get exactly what you need to make your customers happy.
We’ve been taking calls for a generation.
We have over 30 years of experience representing businesses of all sizes. A lot has changed since 1980, but friendly, human response is still the most important part of customer service.

Services We Offer

Virtual Receptionist Services

  • Screen and Forward Calls
  • Take Messages
  • Answer Basic Questions
  • 24/7 Availability

Frees you up to run your business

Appointment Setting

  • 24/7 Reservation Setting
  • Calendar/Reservation Software integration

Never miss an opportunity

Medical Answering Service

  • HIPAA-compliant call processing and instant messaging protocols
  • After-hours, weekends, and overflow call screening and forwarding, and appointment booking
  • Complex on-call schedule management and call processing protocol
  • Services for sole practitioners, small medical practices, and multi-physician health networks

Healthcare-specific, HIPAA-compliant patient service solutions

Answering Service/Call Center Support

  • US-based agents
  • 24/7 customer service support
  • English and Spanish language capabilities

Superior customer service

Live Chat Support

  • US-based agents
  • Superior chat support
  • Customer support now

Support on demand

Custom Pricing

Answering services and virtual receptionists in Tucson, Phoenix, and Nationwide are not one-size-fits-all. Whatever your industry or the size of your business, Contact One can develop a cost-effective solution for your customer service needs.

24/7 service call management, relaying service requests via text message
  • Calls per month: 50
  • Monthly coverage: 60 hours
  • Average monthly invoice: $120
After hours and weekends call management: Message taking and call forwarding to on-call attorney
  • Calls per month: 120
  • Monthly coverage: 90 hours
  • Average monthly invoice: $185
After-hours and weekend call management, complex on-call schedule and call processing protocol, secure HIPAA-compliant instant messaging platform for patient information
  • Calls per month: 1500+
  • Monthly coverage: 600 hours
  • Average monthly invoice: $4300
  • Cost per physician: $140
After-hours and weekend coverage, relaying calls to on-call doctor via secure instant message
  • Monthly coverage: 325 hours
  • Average monthly invoice: $1150
  • Calls per month: 220-280
  • Monthly coverage: 180 hours
  • Average monthly invoice: $685
Call and schedule management, including appointment setting, when in-house team is unavailable
  • Monthly Coverage: 200 hours
  • Calls per month: 300
  • Average monthly invoice: $875
  • Calls per month: 400
  • Monthly coverage: 320 hours
  • Average monthly invoice: $2300
24/7 receptionist services for two different locations. Appointment booking and rescheduling, message taking, call forwarding
  • Calls per month: 1000-1200
  • Monthly coverage: 510 hours
  • Average monthly invoice: $4,750