A Chat Support Service

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If you are looking for a Live Chat Support Service, you have found the right place.  We use Bold Chat software to greet our client’s website visitors in the same way a small business would use an answering service to handle after hour calls.  Many companies use chat today as a way to connect to visitors on the website and to help facilitate more sales. If you run a business and have a retail location you know you would never watch a customer enter your location without greeting them. Most customers would think it rude if at the very least you failed to say hello. Chat support fills that gap on a web site. 

What type of companies would benefit from live chat service? Well, just about any business that has a website that is used as a marketing tool.  Chat allows you to connect with visitors real time and is very easy to add to a website.  Many visitors are just window shopping, but it helps your company stand out in the sea of websites. In today’s competitive market place giving customers several options for communication lets them choose which is right for them.  Some will choose a self service option, much like when customers order goods from an online catalog site. Other customers may choose to speak directly to a person on the phone before making a purchase.  Giving a third option, like chatting with a representative of your company, can make the difference in getting a sale or not.

The chat software we use allows our clients to track the effectiveness of online advertising, and whether or not visitors are turning into customers.  We even use the reporting tools in-house to track key words and how many unique visitors we are getting every month on our website.  Clients can review chat history and find common questions customers are asking to improve the usability of their website. Businesses can even see the number of visitors on their website at any given time.

In the end, live chat support is win-win for just about any business. Live chat is a win for potential customers because they are given more options for communication. It is a win for businesses because anything that makes the buying experience easier for customers will ultimately land more sales for that business.

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