Home Maintenance and Contractors

Contact One’s receptionists manage incoming calls and schedule emergency and routine service appointments for plumbers, electricians, handymen, and other contractors. We provide phone coverage and appointment setting because your business is in the field, not behind a desk.

How we can help / Benefits

24/7 Emergency Response
When customers call your business with a home emergency, they will reach someone who can help them 24/7. Once contacted, we’ll forward the call to your on-call technician, take a message, or alert you via text, according to your instructions.

On-The-Go Schedule Management
Our receptionists set appointments for you while you are in the field, notifying you by call or text of the next service location. Your staff can move seamlessly from one appointment to another, and your customers get the benefit of prompt scheduling.

Avoid Expensive Wages and Management Overhead
Hiring and managing in-house employees requires many resources. Contact One can be your “virtual” receptionist, taking calls, answering questions, and booking appointments from our Tucson-based offices, and your customers will never know the difference. They’ll just know they received exceptional, responsive customer service.

Accurate Message Taking and Call Forwarding
If you’re expecting an important call while you’re in the field, Contact One will ensure that the caller is forwarded to your cell phone. Alternately, our team takes messages, forwards to voicemail, and will also send you a text with relevant information, according to your instructions.

Nights, Weekends, and Vacation Coverage
Home maintenance emergencies may never sleep, but you do. Take some time off to recharge and Contact One will manage any calls that come in. If it’s urgent, we’ll forward it to you; if not, we’ll take a message so you can return the call at your convenience.

Custom Pricing

Answering services are not one-size-fits-all. Whatever your industry or the size of your business, Contact One can develop a cost-effective solution for your customer service needs.

  • Calls per month: 75
  • Monthly coverage: 90 hours
  • Average monthly invoice: $270
  • Calls per month: 120
  • Monthly coverage: 60 hours
  • Average monthly invoice: $120
  • Calls per month: 30
  • Monthly coverage: 120 hours
  • Average monthly invoice: $370
  • Calls per month: 220-280
  • Monthly coverage: 180 hours
  • Average monthly invoice: $685
Schedule management, relaying sales calls, message taking and call forwarding during overflow periods and while all staff are in the field
  • Calls per month: 200-250
  • Monthly coverage: 170 hours
  • Average monthly invoice: $580
After-hours and overflow service call management for prompt, 24/7/365 response to emergency service requests
  • Calls per month: 330 during peak summer months
  • Monthly coverage: 220 hours
  • Average monthly invoice: \$625