About Us

Contact One provides 24/7/365, U.S.-based answering services to businesses of all sizes throughout the United States and Canada. Our mission is to always provide value.

Our history

Contact One Call Center is a family business founded by Judy Wood.

In 1980, Judy purchased what was then a small Arizona-based answering service. The company’s focus was providing high-quality customer service for its clients. In the more than 44 years since, that small answering service has grown to become Contact One Call Center, serving clients in all 50 United States and beyond. The unifying thread running through those years has been, and remains, an enduring commitment to high-quality customer service.

As the Contact One grew, Judy’s children, Jeff Wood and Jennifer Hoffman, joined the business. Today, Judy, Jeff and Jennifer are equal partners in Contact One Call Center. The three share a commitment to expanding Contact One, serving clients and providing growth opportunities for employees. We believe that happy employees and a pleasant workplace are essential to our continued success. And we are proud that employee turnover at Contact One is far below the national average. 

The Contact One team is honored to have received the Award of Excellence from the call center industry’s national trade association for 15 consecutive years. And we’re equally proud of the many awards we’ve received from others over the years. But the Wells Fargo Copper Cactus “Best Place to Work” award, and the Better Business Bureau’s Ethics Award are two recent awards about which we’re exceptionally proud. These awards acknowledge that Contact One operates in the best interest of both its clients and its employees.

Looking ahead, Contact One sees a future where its enduring commitment to customer service and to productive, happy employees will fuel continued growth and success. — Winter 2022

Our brand


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Our team

Hiring a Contact One agent is like hiring a member of your team, so we take the responsibility of selecting and training the right people very seriously.

Our agents are trained to be a knowledgeable, competent extension of your team. They’ll know the things your employees know, and they’ll be able to answer the questions your employees can answer.

When your customers call, Contact One agents provide seamless human response, which is exactly what your customers deserve.

How are we different?
Carefully selected and highly trained.
Not everyone can be a customer service representative. Contact One agents are highly trained, highly personable individuals who are carefully selected for this work.
Based in the United States.
100% of our agents are based out of our offices in sunny Tucson, AZ. Rest easy knowing that, with 300 sunny days a year, Tucson weather will rarely affect your call service.
English and Spanish language capabilities.
The average Contact One agent has been with the company for five years. Your business will benefit from agents who have the depth of knowledge and expertise that comes with years on the job.

Our management

Since 1980, Contact One has been led by a management team consistently recognized as leaders in the teleservices industry.

Judy Wood,

In 1980, Judy purchased a small answering service called A-1 Metro in Tucson, Arizona. In the 1990s, A-1 Metro became Contact One Call Center; in the intervening year, Judy became recognized as an industry leader and advocate for small business in Arizona. She maintains her full-time presence at Contact One, where she leads a management team that includes her children, Jeff and Jennifer.

Jeff Wood,

Jeff joined Contact One Call Center in 1992 as a programmer, and is now responsible for new technology applications for the company and provides general oversight for programming, reporting, network and system issues. He is passionate about small business and supporting the many entrepreneurs who count on Contact One to provide their customer service solutions.

Jennifer Hoffman,

Jennifer graduated from Northern Arizona University in 1996 and began her career at Contact One the following year, where she works closely with our clients and staff to maintain the highest levels of customer satisfaction, focusing on our mission to always provide value. In the community, Jennifer has served as president and various other board positions in the Rotary Club of Tucson she also served on the board for Tucson Association of Executives.

Jennifer Harshbarger,
Programming Manager

Jennifer started with us as a receptionist, but as the years progressed, so did her role. If you need changes to your account there is a good chance Jennifer will oversee them, if not make them herself. She works hard to ensure the accounts are performing to our client’s expectations.

Jason Shah,
IT Manager

Jason started with us as an receptionist, and now keeps the systems running smoothly so our agents can seamlessly take calls.

Shelly Corrough,
Customer Service Manager

After starting as a receptionist and getting her degree from U of A, Shelly is our go-to person for making sure our clients get the service they deserve. That includes coaching supervisors and overseeing training.

Jessica Rutkowski,
Sales Manager

Jessica is at your service if you have questions or need a quote for your business. You will love her follow through on getting you what you need.

Dan Rogers,
Operations Manager

After a career in the Army as a helicopter mechanic, Dan brought his organizational and leadership skills to Contact One. He is charged with making sure each client is matched with a receptionist who is perfectly suited for their business and customer base.

Juan Gaviño,
Operations Support Manager

Juan came to Contact One in 2014 . After a short year on the phone, they became a supervisor, where they focused on their skills with that department. After several years, they were moved into a manager role as our Operations Support Manager, developing our agents into the best they can be for all our clients and backing up in training and development.

Nubia Alvarez-Lopez,
Training Manager

Nubia started with us as a Receptionist in 2016. She excelled for several years as one of our best Receptionists and quickly moved to become a Supervisor. Over the years, her role progressed and now she is in charge of the Training and Development of our newest team members.

Jessica Mendoza,
Program Manager

Started out as a dedicated receptionist in 2011, Jessica's role within the company quickly evolved. If you need to change your account or want someone to put your vision of a virtual receptionist onto the screen, Jessica is your go-to!

Fernanda Sanchez,
Field Sales Manager

Fernanda joined our team as a receptionist in 2014. Currently, you can find her working hands-on in our community building connections with future clients to understand their business needs and facilitate Contact One as their go-to choice.


For nearly forty years, Contact One has been recognized industry-wide as a leader in quality, expertise, and professionalism. Our agents have received the teleservice industry’s most prestigious answering service awards. We are proud to maintain a level of service that exceeds industry standards, and the expectations of our clients and their customers.