HIPAA-compliant call processing for healthcare providers of all types and sizes.

24/7/365 availability
Patients can set appointments or make reservations around the clock with our appointment setting service. In urgent situations, like labor and delivery, we adhere to complex on-call and call forwarding schedules to connect emergent patients with the designated healthcare provider.

HIPPA-compliant technology and practices
Our medical answering services are strictly HIPAA-compliant, ensuring that protected health information always remains secure and confidential.

Decades of experience serving practices of all kinds
Chiropractors, OB/GYN specialists, psychiatrists, primary care physicians, and many other healthcare providers use Contact One to provide round-the-clock service to their patients.

Custom Pricing

Answering services are not one-size-fits-all. Whatever your industry or the size of your business, Contact One can develop a cost-effective solution for your customer service needs.

After-hours and weekend call management, complex on-call schedule and call processing protocol, secure HIPAA-compliant instant messaging platform for patient information
  • Calls per month: 1500+
  • Monthly coverage: 600 hours
  • Average monthly invoice: $4300
  • Cost per physician: $140
After-hours patient calls, relaying urgent matters to on-call doctor via HIPAA-compliant instant message
  • Calls per month: 180
  • Monthly coverage: 130 hours
  • Average monthly invoice: $420
Collect caller data for medical team to access in real-time through online portal
  • Calls per month: 1000+
  • Monthly coverage: 425 hours
  • Average monthly invoice: $3,200
After-hours and weekend coverage, relaying calls to on-call doctor via secure instant message
  • Monthly coverage: 325 hours
  • Average monthly invoice: $1150
Overflow and after-hours appointment setting to supplement in-house staff capacity
  • Calls per month: 150
  • Monthly coverage: 120 hours
  • Average monthly invoice: $349
Full-time receptionist services: schedule management, appointment booking, call forwarding and message taking
  • Calls per month: 500+
  • Monthly coverage: 410 hours
  • Average monthly invoice: $2400

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