Why Order Taking Is Vital for Small E-Commerce and Catalog Businesses

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An effective order taking procedure is the backbone of any business that sells directly to customers. If a customer is left waiting on the phone for too long, or if your company doesn’t have after hours support to communicate around the clock, your e-commerce or catalog-based company may well lose important sales.


Here are some a few reasons you should consider partnering with an experienced call center to handle your order taking process:


  • Close Sale Around The Clock. Most businesses do not have the resources to keep staff members on call to communicate with customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week—but an experienced call center does. When you work with a call center, you’re effectively expanding your company’s availability to 24/7 with no changes to your business hours. In today’s fast-paced global marketplace, where doing business frequently means dealing with people in different time zones, this is an essential feature for any e-commerce company.


  • Improve Customer Service. Effective customer communication is vital to any business. With a call center handling your order taking process, representatives will be available to answer customers’ phone, email, and live chat questions. Having friendly customer service agents leaves customers happy with their purchases and impressed by your company’s professionalism and commitment to service.


  • Build Your Customer Base Quickly. With all of the time-commitments and headaches of launching a new business, you may neglect your fulfillment and customer service processes. Outsourcing order taking to an experienced partner can help smaller businesses support a quickly growing customer base with top-notch service. A call center can help a new e-commerce or catalog business avoid lost orders, unanswered questions, and other hiccups.


At Contact One Call Center, we specialize in helping businesses manage their incoming calls and order fulfillment. Our areas of focus include secure order taking, after-hours chat support, disaster preparedness, and more! We have been providing dependable services to our customers for three decades. For more information about how Contact One Call Center can help your business, give us a call today at 1-800-278-3347.

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