Common Signs Your Business Could Benefit from Live Chat

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Not having a proper customer service department basically renders advertising and word-of-mouth useless. You can’t get new customers if you don’t connect with when they reach out to your business.

Live chat is a customer service offering that provides website visitors the option to chat live via instant messaging with a customer service representative. This service can be available 24/7 and is easy and affordable to implement. Below are a few signs that your growing business could benefit from live chat.

  • You receive a high volume of emails and phone calls. If your business is constantly dealing with incoming calls and emails, many of which are regarding the same topics and questions, online live chat may benefit you. People are often likely to dismiss a business that cannot answer their questions right away, and live chat is a great way to offer an instant mode of communication with a real live person, which your potential customers will appreciate.
  • Your customers have already moved on to a competitor by the time you call or write them back. All too often, after a potential customer has left a voicemail or sent an email, they will simply move on to the next available business instead of waiting for a reply. With live chat, you can stop losing new customers to the other guy due to communication hiccups. Online chat means that your customers will always be able to get the answers they want, when they want.
  • You are organizing a large event and need to handle reservation questions. When planning a seminar, conference or fundraising event, you will see a spike in call and email volume. This influx of reservation requests and questions related to the event can be tough to handle. Don’t risk losing attendees because you cannot handle the call and email volume in a timely manner. Getting live chat effectively supports event questions and sign-up requests, so that all of your guests can feel well taken care of.

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