A Guide to HIPAA-Compliant Medical Answering Services


There are several components to a good medical answering service, but one of the most important jobs of any service is to remain HIPAA-compliant. Compliance isn’t just part of a good customer service experience for your patients; it is also the law. At Contact One Call Center, we’ve developed a medical answering service solution that gives your patients the attention they need while adhering to HIPAA guidelines. Here is a look at medical answering service problems and how we can help.


Component of a Good Medical Answering Service

Your patients—and your practice—need a medical answering service to perform very specific tasks. Your patients have to feel confident that the answering service is responsive to their concerns and will act quickly to get their questions to the doctor. As a provider, you need to feel confident that your service is taking accurate notes and moving quickly to get critical information to you. Your service also needs to be part of a network that gets information to you efficiently no matter where you are, and that provides message delivery confirmation and reply capability. However, while good customer service is crucial for any medical answering service, HIPAA-compliance is equally important.


HIPAA-Compliant Medical Answering

At Contact One Call Center, we partner with a few different HIPAA-compliant providers to make sure you get the messages you need. One company we work with closely is OnPage. OnPage is secure smartphone app that relies on an encrypted, secure cloud-based paging system. Your medical messages are delivered into a secure inbox, and each message has a time-stamped audit trail. You get a clear alert every time you receive a new message, and we receive delivery and read confirmations, so there is no chance of a message getting lost in the shuffle. OnPage works with all smartphones, and you will get messages via wi-fi and cell coverage.


Are you confident that your medical answering service meets HIPAA guidelines? Call Contact One Call Center and find out what we can do to help your practice. Contact us with your questions at (800) 278-3347.


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