Customer Service Fixes: What To Do When You Do It Wrong


Customer service encompasses every area of your business, from the moment you pick up the phone, to appointment setting, through to the sales transaction. Smaller businesses and organization striving to grow cannot afford to make customer service mistakes.

Failure to provide excellent customer service can result in lost sales and even negative word of mouth spreading about your business. Below we’ll review three common customer service problems and provide solutions for fixing these problems and making amends with customers.

Problem 1 – Failure to Answer Calls Quickly

When you are pressed for time or have a small staff it can be difficult to answer the phone quickly or reply to customer messages. If this occurs and a customer becomes angry, let the customer vent about their concern and listen actively to their complaint. Then proceed to help them with their needs.

Problem 2 – Double-Booking Appointments

Have you had to cancel an appointment due to an over-booking mistake? Calling a customer right before their appointment time and telling them you need to cancel can be a really negative experience.  Be sure to explain the problem, take responsibility, and apologize for the inconvenience. Offer a solution for a new appointment time and sweeten the deal with an extra reward such as a discount or free gift.

Problem 3 – Confusing Ecommerce or Order Process

If a customer has trouble placing an order and contacts you for help, then consider yourself lucky. At least you did not lose the sale entirely. To handle this problem, first identify the issue that was confusing during the purchasing or checkout process. Use this customer contact as a way to get vital feedback to improve your transactional process in the future.

To avoid these problems ongoing, consider working with an answering service that will answer customer calls and questions 24/7. Contact One Call Center can answer your phones, set appointments, and even take orders or answer order-related inquiries. Learn more about our services by calling 1(800)-278-3347.


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