A Look at the Small Business Sector in America


iStock_000002064985XSmallSmall businesses are the foundation of the American economy. A large part of succeeding in this industry relies on your knowledge of how it functions. Keep reading to learn more about small business in the United States.

Small Business Matters

There are 23 million small businesses currently up and running in the United States. This means that small business makes up 54 percent of all of the sales in America. They are responsible for 55 percent of jobs. Even with these already impressive statistics, the small business sector is still on the rise. Since 1982, small businesses in America have increased by almost 50 percent. They have also added 8 million new jobs since 1990.

Small Businesses Have Big Potential for Success

About 7 out of every 10 small businesses that start are still around after 2 years. Half of these businesses survive their first 5 years. One-third of them manage to grow their business so that they are still open at least 15 years after they begin. With the right resources, small businesses have a good chance of succeeding in their industry.

Small Businesses Thrive with the Right Resources

Since small businesses do not have the power of a big brand behind them, they must rely on quality customer service to build their client base and solidify their place in their industry. It is extremely important for small businesses to focus on resources that improve their customer service abilities so they can compete with bigger companies.

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