Phone Skills for Flawless Customer Service


Talking to customers on the phone is not an easy task. When you’re not seeing the face of the person you’re taking to, your message can be easily misinterpreted. This can be tricky especially when your job involves helping customers and ensuring their pleasant experience with your company.

To help you improve your phone conversation with your customers, we have listed the top three skills for a flawless customer service:

  1. Use a positive tone
    Having that enthusiastic and attentive tone while talking to the customer can make them feel more comfortable. From greeting to ending the conversation, it’s important to use a positive tone. Even if the customer sounds irritated, you have to maintain that professional, calm, and friendly tone. Doing that can actually help calm an irate customer.


  1. Use your customer’s name
    As soon as you get your customer’s name, use it. If you’re unsure on how to pronounce it, ask him/her (they’ll appreciate it). Using your customer’s name during the phone conversation can help your customer feel more at ease. It’s also a way of showing them that they matter.


  1. Finish the conversation on the right note
    Before you hang up, make sure the customer understands the information you passed along. It’s also a good gesture to offer information they may need in the future such as numbers to call if they experience certain problems. Ending conversations this way creates lasting positivity.

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