What is Call Screening?

Call screening is the process of evaluating a telephone call and deciding how or whether to answer it. There are different methods of doing it. It can be through listening to the message being recorded in a voice mail or answering machine, checking the caller ID to find out who the caller is or where the call is coming from, checking the date and time the call is received, or prescreening callers through a request line.

How Does Call Screening Work?

If you wanted to apply call screening in your company, you first need to determine the numbers or extensions you wish to add the call screening rules.
Once the selection is done, you need to determine how these calls from the group of screened numbers are handled. Would you like these calls to ring to voicemail, transfer to another number, or reject it?
You can also schedule when the call screening rule to be active. Scheduling can be helpful when you’re dealing with calls that need to be forwarded at specific times of the day such as calls from your VIP clients.

Benefits of Call Screening

Call screening can benefit your company and your customers. Below are some of the things you can achieve with call screening:

•Block Unwanted Callers
Your business has more than enough to worry and SPAM callers and pesky telemarketers should not be one of them. This is one area that call screening can benefit your business. It can help you block unwanted callers so you can focus on more important aspects of your business.

•Improve Customer Satisfaction
By having call screening, you can ensure that your clients’ needs and concerns are addressed. You can create rules to route your clients’ calls to a dedicated agent or extension, depending on their needs.

•Take Calls While Managing Other Business
With call screening, you can send a call to a voicemail or set up a rule with time-specific settings. In this way, you can still take calls even when you’re in a meeting or working with a customer.

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