Why Customers Prioritize Being Able to Speak to a Live Person

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Whether customers are purchasing a product or calling for product support, they tend to respond more positively when a live representative is there on the other line. When customers deal with recordings, they may feel quickly frustrated and devalued as clients. Therefore, investing in an answering service and live chat support for your business could be a big boost for your sales. Here is a look at what customers gain from this approach.

A real sense of importance

By simply offering the help of a live person at all hours of the day, your business is making the statement that it truly values customer calls. This sentiment does not carry as much meaning when it is expressed by a pre-recorded voice followed by a touch-tone interface.

Direct answers to questions

Customers do not want to sit through long menus of options when they call for help. Being able to directly ask an expert the answer to a question will provide the customer with a more positive experience that may promote returning business.

Increased product value

While it does take a larger investment to have live answering services for your business, customers will feel that the products they buy have more inherent value with the backup of live support.

Brand authority

The simple interaction of a customer asking how a product works can give your business more authority than competitors who do not provide live customer service over the phone. You can remain one step ahead by prioritizing customer service, emphasizing the importance of customer satisfaction for long-term business success.

Contact One Call Center can give your customers the live interactions they expect without a high cost to your business. To see how we can help you maintain strong customer relationships, visit our website or call us at (800) 278-3347.

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