The Role of a Virtual Receptionist


A virtual receptionist is a person employed to answer phone calls and manage with clients or customer concerns. The term “virtual” is used because the receptionist works remotely, either from the answering service provider’s office, or from the comfort of their own home. Although they work remotely, virtual receptionists are specially trained to handle client phone calls efficiently and professionally.
How do they work?
Calls from the clients are routed to the line of the virtual receptionist who answers the call before the third ring. They use a customized greeting, as approved by the client. Depending on client business needs, a virtual receptionist can provide basic customer service by taking messages, forwarding them to the correct person, and scheduling appointments.
Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Receptionist

• Your calls are answered promptly.
Running a business is tough. It can be challenging to do everything that is necessary to keep the business afloat, while also taking on the task of providing customer service. Hiring a virtual receptionist can help ensure your calls are promptly answered and that customer needs are addressed while you’re managing other areas of business.

• Your calls are answered even if you’re out.
If you’re out in your office and calls are unanswered, it won’t convey a positive professional image of you or your business. A virtual receptionist can take and handle your calls professionally while you’re out, making sure that your customers concerns are addressed even if you’re not in the office.

• Your calls are answered even when you’re closed.
Having a virtual receptionist can keep your business going 24/7 without having you or your employee work in your office 24/7. Your receptionist can take calls from your customers in evenings, weekends, and even on holidays.
With Contact One, your phone is always answered by a friendly, knowledgeable person, whether you take the call or we do.
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