Missed Calls Equal Missed Profits


man wearing headset looking at monitor

Your telephone system is a valuable tool that can drive your business forward. However, the average retailer misses 15% of calls. While voice mail has reduced the number of missed calls, a large percentage of callers will simply hang up and move on when they cannot reach a live customer service representative. Thus, missed calls are a significant yet preventable source of missed profits for your company; eliminating missed calls is a simple solution that can increase the number of sales you make over both the short and long term.

Missed Calls Reflect Disorganization

Positive client relationships rely on trust. When you miss a call, it sends a negative message about your company and its capabilities. Clients often view missed calls during business hours as a reflection of disorganization. When a client feels that your business cannot achieve the level of competency required to answer the phone, they will lose confidence in your ability to meet their needs through your services and products and move on to your competitors for the same service.  

Missed Calls Indicate Insufficient Resources

Missed calls also reflect insufficient resources on the part of your business. A client whose call is missed may feel that your company doesn’t have enough employees or prefers to spend capital in areas other than customer service. These impressions reflect poorly on your overall ability to meet customer expectations—if a client is concerned about your company’s resources, they will lose faith in your ability to deliver products or services in a timely or effective fashion as well.

At Contact One Call Center, our goal is to help you drive sales through our live answering and secure messaging services. We can reduce missed calls and lost profits by providing you with the customer service solution you need, both during and after business hours. Please give us a call today at 1 (800) 278-3347 for more information about our live answering solutions throughout the United States, or check out our website for additional customer service tips.

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