How Small Businesses Can Build Their Brand Personalities

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As a small business owner, you might have challenges creating a brand and selling it with your web presence. You may be so overwhelmed with the day-to-day operations of your business, that it is hard to develop a personality for your brand that really engages customers. Below is a look at the ways you can rethink your brand personality to build a presence that works for you.

Show your brand in action

Your business’s website and social media pages will speak volumes about the personality of your company, and the items that customers see first will be the most impactful. In addition to an easy layout and pages that can be navigated intuitively, customers will want to see pictures of your business in action. Whether you are showcasing a product or service, you should show images of real people (not stock photos) who represent the clientele you want.

Offer tips with an on-site blog

To boost traffic to your website and connect to customers on a more personal level, you might start a blog related to your small business. This does not have to offer advice directly related to what you do, but it should tie into your own services and boost your credibility as a brand and authority within a certain field. When you do write blogs (or outsource them), you will want to make sure that the language is friendly and approachable rather than relying on corporate ad speak.

Think up a great motto

A simple motto can give your business a memorable identity that stands the test of time. Even as web design trends and customer demands change, a great company motto will hold up and represent a brand that customers will keep coming back to.

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