How To Improve Your Business Reputation

What’s your most valuable business asset? Most people would say it’s their real estate holdings, equipment, or even personnel. What about your business reputation?

If your business has a bad reputation online or in the community, then it could negatively impact your sales and revenue for years to come. Here are a few easy ways to improve your business reputation:

1. Online Review Sites

There are dozens of inline review sites such as Google Plus, Yelp, and Trip Advisor. Many industries even have their own review forums or directories. Start by claiming your business profile on the leading review sites. This allows you to control the information, hours, location, and photographs for your organization. You can also see what customers are already saying (good or bad) about your company online. Many platforms will allow for communication between owners and customers, giving you an opportunity to redeem your reputation when a customer is dissatisfied.

2. Customer Feedback

Collect real feedback and implement changes to boost your reputation. Conduct an online or telephone survey to poll your customer base about how they view your company and what might be improved. Maybe you’ll find out that your packaging becomes damaged during shipping or that your invoicing system is confusing. This process lets customers know you are listening to them and working to provide better service.

3. A Professional Answering Service

If you are too busy to pick up the phone, have long phone wait times, or become disorganized about scheduling appointments, it can leave your customers with a bad impression. Many small businesses lack the time and resources to handle high call volumes or multiple bookings. Keep customers happy and maintain a stellar reputation by partnering with a professional answering service. A call center team can step in and provide top-notch support for your clients while you run your business.

Don’t let customers wait on hold. Work with a call center that can answer calls quickly and professionally. If you want to learn more about Contact One Call Center’s capabilities, give us a call at (800) 278-3347 or visit us online.

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