How much does a virtual receptionist cost?

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How much does a virtual receptionist cost?

Virtual Receptionist service costs about $4 per hour. About 75% less than hiring an employee at $12 per hour.  Additionally, businesses save money because they don’t have to manage or pay employee taxes or benefits on the service.

What can a virtual receptionist do for my business?

A virtual receptionist can manage a calendar for service providers, take messages and provide general customer support.  Law offices, Chriropratcors and other types of businesses can benefit from having extended support hours, thereby improving the opportunity to gain more customers.

How does a virtual receptionist service work?

A business hires a type of contact center that specializes in helping small businesses. The business owner gives the provider instructions on how to handle calls and access to an online calendar or CRM. This would be the same type of training one would give an employee working directly for the company. The process can be personalized to the business owner’s needs.

How does a virtual receptionist benefit a company?

The many benefits of hiring a virtual receptionist. One, a small business can reduce costs. Two, the company can use the extra support to raise productivity with the inhouse team.  Three, Virtual receptionist work in teams, so there is always someone available to handle customer questions or book appointments.

Can a virtual receptionist handle emails or chat?

Yes, a virtual receptionist can respond to email or chat. The small business owner can customize the experience to meet there clients’ needs.

 Is a virtual receptionist service the same as an answering service?

A virtual receptionist is similar to an answering service but can handle more complex support calls. Most answering services will take a message and send the information off to on-call staff after hours. A virtual reception, on the other hand, acts as an extension of the team. Typically the caller will not know the difference from someone in the office or vice versa.

Where can I find information about Virtual Receptionist services?

You can find out more about our virtual receptionist service by calling Contact One today. We will provide you with a personalized quote with all the details you need for your business.

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