Customer Service Don’ts for E-Commerce

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iStock_000017496084SmallE-commerce makes it easy for customers to get what they want, when they want it! This technology also helps businesses reach out to more customers in more places. Make the most of your e-commerce by learning about these customer service don’ts:

Not Keeping Your Promises
It is easy to attract customers with promises of free shipping, easy returns, and other important elements. Unfortunately, a lot of companies take advantage of the level of ease by making false promises to customers. If you offer certain perks and do not follow through, customers will not return and will likely make others aware of their negative experiences. Do not make any e-commerce promises that you cannot keep!

Only Offering Phone Service
Phone calls are a great away to get in contact with a business, but they are not the only way! Today’s customers are constantly busy and constantly on-the-go. That is why they want a variety of ways contact your business when they have questions or concerns. It is important to offer answering services as well as online chat services to make it as easy as possible for customers to get in contact with you.

Taking Too Much Time to Respond
How long does it typically take you to respond to customer questions or concerns? If you are not responding as quickly as possible, you might be losing customers! With mobile sites and online services, timeliness is more important than ever. Customers make decisions and purchases quickly, so responding quickly will make you more appealing and give you a better chance of success.

Using Generic Responses
Your customers want to feel heard and respected. They do not want to feel like they are talking to a robot. But that is exactly how they will feel if you keep offering generic responses for each question or concern. Take the time to carefully read comments from customers so you can respond appropriately and show that their voices are being heard.

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