Live Answer vs. Voicemail



Even as technology evolves, telephone calls remain a consistent point of contact between businesses and their clients. When clients call your business, the treatment they receive plays a key role in their perception of your services and your competency. While voicemail is an effective method of managing messages and communications, this solution cannot deliver the same level of customer service as a live answering service for many reasons.

Live Answer Offers Real-time Solutions

When customers’ calls are shuttled directly to voicemail, callers are left feeling frustrated and unsatisfied because they cannot obtain the information they need without waiting for a return call. Although you can try to anticipate the most frequently-asked questions and provide answers in your voicemail message, this will prolong the length of the message and leave customers who want to leave a message frustrated while they wait for the voicemail recording to end. By contrast, live answering ensures that each customer’s call is fielded immediately and answered completely. This provides customers with personalized service that demonstrates your respect for their time.

Live Answer Offers Satisfactory Service

Voicemail systems are not equivalent to speaking with a live representative, even if your automated system ultimately provides the same service. Numerous customer service studies have shown that human interactions are more effective than other forms of communication. By ensuring that your phones are always answered by a live representative, you are meeting your customers’ demands and allowing individuals to voice their opinions, frustrations, and questions in a satisfactory way. A live answering service will increase the number of calls that connect, reducing hang-ups, improving customer satisfaction, and increasing sales.

Contact One Call Center is your solution for top-quality customer service 24/7. Our answering service and call center provides after-hours support to ensure your phones are always answered by a live customer service representative. You can find more information about our Phoenix and Tucson-based answering service on our website, or reach us by phone at 1 (800) 278-3347 to explore your options.

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