Finding an Alternative to Cold Calling

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Cold calling is parallel to door-to-door soliciting in the world of marketing; it is largely unwelcome and considered an antiquated way of generating new sales leads. Unfortunately, many business owners and sales managers are unaware of the modern solutions for new business relationships, leaving them to rely on the methods of the past. Read on to discover the better alternatives you might use to build relationships and find new prospects for your business.

Social media tracking

Social media has replaced many facets of business—including networking. Using social media update trackers such as Google Alerts and HootSuite will allow you to see valuable information about your prospects so that you open new opportunities for marketing.

Social media relationships

While social media can be significantly helpful in observing trends and tracking potential leads, it is also beneficial for direct interactions. You should reach out with personalized messages through social sites to connect with prospects in a welcome way. Just be careful not to overdo it with social media, sending out high volumes of messages and blasted messages with no personal touch.

Web presence management

Aside from social media, you should keep a strong social presence on your business’s website and blog. With regular updates that engage your existing customers, you may actually attract the attention of new prospects without any extra work. You will be doubling up your marketing efforts in this way, because you are reaching out to your clients and maximizing your exposure in your industry simultaneously.

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