Improving Your Customers’ Experiences


iStock_000012681402XSmallYour final product may be highly impressive and your staff may be incredibly skilled, but this becomes meaningless if your business lacks good customer service. It may seem obvious, but many managers overlook the importance of improving or maintaining high quality customer service. Meanwhile, your customer service team is the face of your company and your customers will define their experience with your product based on their interactions with your customer support systems.

Manage your customers’ needs.
The first step in any customer service plan is to ensure your team has the right skills for your customer base. For example, you need to secure services that provide empathy, patience, and consistency. Some people who call will be very irritable while others will have a multitude of questions. Your customer service center needs to be equipped to handle all types of personalities.

Ensure clear communication.
When it comes to customer communication, you need to make sure your customers completely understand your message. You don’t want your customers to be mistaken about the price or product they are receiving because of ambiguity in communication. However, your customer service representatives should use authentically positive language and maintain a positive attitude in every interaction. Most importantly, your representative should never leave a conversation without understanding your customer’s needs.

Prioritize good time management.
Even though customer service representatives should work through each problem, they also need to be able to manage time spent with each customer. Failing to allocate time appropriately will lead to customers waiting while only one customer’s needs are met. What your customers are ultimately searching for is knowledge of your product or service. Make sure your representatives are equipped to field the most common questions about your product. However, if questions become too technical, your representatives need to be honest about their extent of knowledge.

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