Retaining Your Hardworking Team


iStock_000004801857XSmallKeeping your best employees requires ongoing, two-way communication based on trust. Not only should you discuss assignments and deliverables with your employees, but you should also learn about their career goals and aspirations. Otherwise, you won’t be able to tailor opportunities at your company to their professional growth goals.

Focus on communication.
Communication is an equal combination of the words you say as well as how you say them. This means your tone of voice, eye contact, hand gestures, and body positioning play a crucial role in shaping your communication. Your employees will gather meaning from what you say by assessing your non-verbal cues. As a result, much of your communication message may be lost if you only meet virtually with the team. Even if it’s difficult to secure face time, it’s very important for establishing trust with your employees. You should try to schedule in person meetings with those who work in remote locations at least two to three times a year.

Use performance reviews to discuss growth opportunities.
Performance reviews aren’t just an opportunity to discuss your expectations for your employees. They are also a great time to discuss your individual employees’ career goals. This input can help you create new opportunities for them to succeed, in their current job positions as well as in new company roles.

Provide something tangible with positive feedback.
Rewarding employees for superior performance doesn’t always require bonuses, raises, or promotions. Your employees will also appreciate small gestures of appreciation such as dinner on the company or performance awards. You can also emphasize how much your employees mean to you by recognizing their start-date anniversaries. These tangible signs of appreciation are better ways to enhance employee loyalty and commitment than verbal feedback alone. Creating a work environment where people feel valued is an important step in retaining your hardworking employee base.

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