Essential Technology for Every Call Center

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In order for call centers to operate successfully, a number of technological features are required to streamline service and make the process more efficient for operators. Most small businesses are not equipped to house call centers of their own, because all of the pieces of technology are essential for daily operations. Therefore, many small businesses rely on dedicated call centers to provide around-the-clock customer service with help from these technologies.

CRM Solution

With CRM solution on-hand, operators can look back to earlier information in the call or see previous outcomes of customer calls. This helps avoid repetition in the customer interaction and find the source of the problem faster.

Call Recording

Quality-assurance is a must for call centers, because operators represent a valuable section of the customer service experience. Call recording helps operators identify their strengths and weaknesses in speaking to customers and offering solutions. This results in more positive customer experiences in future calls.


While it is important for customers to have live representatives to speak to, there are some elements of over-the-phone business that do not require a person to person interaction. The IVR covers these areas to allow customers to manage their interaction with voice response for self-service.

Workforce Management Application

Call center staffing needs to be determined by projected calls within a certain timeframe, and these are calculated with workforce management. With this application in place, call centers can ensure that representatives are readily available when they are needed, but that the center is not overstaffed, which drives up the cost of services.

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