Why After Hours Call Answering is Important


You may have set a regular schedule for your business but your customers have not. It can be tricky especially if you’re in a service industry. Your customers will have needs that may arise after business hours. And you can’t simply ignore these calls.

If you’re in a healthcare industry, ignoring these calls can endanger your customer’s life. If you’re selling a product or service, not answering these calls can lead to frustration and a possible loss in profit.

While it’s possible to either divert your customers’ calls to a voicemail or find a way to pick the phone after your business hours, neither of these are sustainable and efficient.

Diverting your customers’ calls to a voicemail can be frustrating for some. When their needs are not met the moment they need it, they may ditch your brand and opt for your competitor instead. If you opt to answer the phone even if it’s beyond your business hours, it can intrude with your personal time and may eventually lead to burnout.

Getting Phone Answering Services

If you find yourself in a dilemma when it comes to after-hours calls, you may want to consider a phone answering service.

A phone answering service is a specialized service provided by certain companies. These companies have well-trained agents who can take your customers’ calls promptly and professionally after your operating hours. These agents can do more than just answering calls. They can provide product information, schedule appointments, and even take orders.

Reliable companies like Contact One offer top quality live answering services. They can take your customers’ calls 24/7 so you no longer have to worry about missing your customers calls even when you’re away.

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