Do You Sometimes Forget How to Answer the Phone?


6 Quick Reminders That Will Help You with Your Next Call

Jessica Rutkowski, Sales Manager
Jessica Rutkowski, Sales Manager

I know we’ve all heard how crucial it is that we answer that phone when it rings. To take it above and beyond, we must practice proper phone etiquette.

1)      Answering the phone on the 3rd ring shows the person on the other end that you respect their time.

2)      Always answer the phone using the company name, your name and with how may I help you? It only takes three seconds longer but allows the caller to learn: who you are, where you work, and that you are there to help them.

3)      Pay close attention. It’s very helpful to keep a note pad by the phone to jot notes. The person on the other end can tell if you’re distracted doing other tasks.

4)      Speak slowly and clearly. Speak directly into the receiver.  By doing this it gives the person on the other end a chance to ask questions. Let the other person talk. Make sure your caller is completely finished speaking before responding.

5)      Cut down on background noise. Don’t type or shuffle papers while you’re on the phone. Don’t have people socializing near you while you’re on the phone. Televisions, radios and computer beeps can also be very distracting.

6)      Be friendly. Smile. Phrase your words positively.  It’s very true that the other person can hear your smile over the phone.

The biggest secret is to be friendly, stay comfortable and to treat the person as it were a face to face conversation.

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