Customer Expectations for Phone Interactions


Customer interactions are vital in every business. Whether in-person, through email, or over the phone, the way you or your employees handle that interaction can make or break your business.

When it comes to phone interaction, customers have a certain set of expectations. A thorough understanding of what those expectations are, can help you come up with strategies for improving your customer support.
Below are some of the most common expectations customers have when it comes to phone interaction:

• Personalized interactions
This simply translates to addressing the customer by his/her preferred name and knowing their product or service history with the company. Many customers agree that not having to repeat themselves (including information about themselves) is one factor that affects their experience.

• Being proactive
Providing help even before it’s needed is something customers desire in every customer service-related phone conversation. Customers tend to have a more positive view of a business with proactive employees.

• A quick solution
Whether it’s a product inquiry or a complaint, answering the call and addressing customer needs promptly is always impressive. Most customers are not willing to wait for more than five minutes on hold. If you can’t provide them what they need when they need it, they are more likely to look elsewhere for services.

• Empathic listening
An empathic listener can provide customers with a pleasant customer service experience. Empathic listening is not just hearing what your customer is saying, but also getting into their frame of reference and understanding how they feel.

These things can be learned through training and practice. However, if you don’t have the resources to hire and train a new employee, we can help. Contact One call center in Tucson, Arizona is a company that offers call answering services. Our agents are trained to take your calls promptly and professionally 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Call us to find out more how we can help boost your customer’s overall satisfaction.

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