3 Reasons Your Small Business Should Hire an Answering Service

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As a small business owner, you wear many hats. You are your company’s salesperson, marketing agent, accountant, and in some cases, you may even be the webmaster. Playing all of these roles alone can be exhausting. This is why a professional answering service is a must-have for every small business.

An answering service is a specialized service that can help screen your calls and forward them as needed. It’s a great help, especially for small businesses whose resources are limited. Here are some of the benefits of hiring an answering service:

Never Miss a Call
With a professional answering service, you’ll never miss a call again. You’ll have a dedicated call center agent who will take customer calls in less than three rings. Having your company calls handled promptly and professionally means you’re always open for business, even when you’re on the road, in a meeting, or tending to other business matters.

Provide Prompt Service
Even in a small business, every aspect of it means a lot – including phone calls. When there’s a delay in answering, or if there’s interruption while speaking with a customer – whether it’s background noise or other distractions, it may not portray a positive and professional image. An answering service solves this problem. A virtual receptionist who is professionally trained to handle business calls, will take calls promptly and politely.

Save Money
The cost of hiring an answering service is significantly less than hiring a full-time staff member to do what a virtual receptionist can. The salary alone of a full-time staff can be between $2,000 to $3,000 a month. Most professional answering services provide the same benefits as a full-time employee but won’t cost as much as hiring new staff.
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