Why Customer Service Should Be A Top Priority

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Your customers are the foundation for your business, making customer service the most important area of focus in your company’s day to day operations. Even if most or all of your business comes from e-commerce, your customers will still have high expectations for phone, chat, and email support that may enhance the Web shopping experience. Here is a closer look at the impact that an investment in customer service can have on your business.

Negative customer experiences can drive away new customers

When customers have a negative experience with any business, a common response is to tell others about it. These stories about negative customer service experiences could easily keep away potential new customers, particularly because people are more likely to discuss negative shopping experiences than positive ones. Therefore, steps should be taken to increase customer satisfaction during every interaction a customer may have with your company.

It is less costly to retain customers than to attract new ones

Returning customers are an incredibly valuable asset to your company, because the cost of bringing an existing customer back is much lower than the cost of marketing strategies necessary to draw in new customers. With a large base of loyal customers, you can also rely to an extent on word-of-mouth marketing to bring in new customers at a lower cost.

Customer service keeps your customers connected to your business

If a customer contacts your business through a customer service representative on the phone or via live Web chat, that customer will have a deeper connection to your company that will help to promote their continued patronage.

To improve the customer service you are able to offer to your patrons, call Contact One Call Center at 1-800-278-3347. We provide answering services, secure messaging, and after-hours customer support that can help your small business maintain strong customer relations without the added cost of hiring additional personnel. With locations in Seattle, Los Angeles and Arizona, we are ready to start the conversation with you today!

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