How to Make Callers Happy

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A positive customer service experience is essential for building a satisfied customer-base. A dissatisfied customer will tell many more people about their experience than a satisfied customer, so it is your business’s purview to ensure that customers hang up feeling happy and taken care of. Here are a few tips to keep callers happy:

  • Don’t keep callers waiting too long. While being on hold is often a fact of life, many callers get very frustrated with being on hold for long periods at a time. Try to keep their time on hold to a bare minimum, and if you must, make sure to check in with them often to assure them that they have not been forgotten about and that you will be with them as soon as possible. Partnering with a call center can help your business to minimize incoming call wait times.
  • Don’t sound overly scripted. Avoid launching into a script right from the beginning of a conversation. Instead, try to establish a rapport with the caller and take time to ask leading questions and listen. Additionally, being polite is a must so always use “please” and “thank you” when speaking to customers. Be careful not to use an overuse “please” and “thank you” as this can seem patronizing and may annoy certain callers.
  • Treat callers with patience and respect. Above many things, most callers want to be heard and treated with respect. Callers will often hang up in anger if they believe you are not listening properly or treating them disrespectfully.  Be sure to listen carefully while they explain their problem to avoid asking them to repeat themselves. Try to empathize with the caller’s request or issue before offering a solution.

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