Avoid These E-Commerce Customer Service Mistakes

Today’s consumers use the Internet to find new businesses, get reviews, and even purchase products! Working with Contact One Call Center can give your company the tools it needs to provide excellent e-commerce customer service to keep customers happy and loyal. When you work with us, you can avoid common mistakes such as: 

Hidden “Help” or “Contact” Information

Have you ever tried to find contact information on a website that does not have a simple “contact” button? This is extremely frustrating and can prevent a purchase or lead visitors to look for a different company with a better online presence. Make sure your customers can get the information they need quickly and easily by including a visible “help” or “contact” button throughout your website. This ensures customers can get in touch with you if they have any questions or concerns.

Long Waiting Times on the Phone

Growth is always good for a business, but it can often take its toll on customer service. If your employees are constantly busy handling various responsibilities, they may not be available to answer phone calls. Customers often become frustrated when they spend too long waiting for someone to answer a call. They can also start getting a negative impression of your company if they spend too long waiting to hear back after leaving a message. Hiring an answering service will allow you to avoid this e-commerce customer service mistake!

No Live Chat Function

A lot of today’s customers would rather contact companies online than on the phone. Live chat allows customers to get in touch with representatives quickly and easily, encouraging them to become loyal customers. If your website does not have a live chat button, late-night visitors may turn to one of your competitors instead of waiting until morning to contact you. Providing live chat can convert more sales for e-commerce sites.

If you are ready to improve your e-commerce customer service, get in touch with Contact One Call Center today! Give us a call at 1-800-278-3347 to learn about our answering services, secure messaging, and more.

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