Worst Customer Service Practices of All Time

Customer service is an integral element of a business and directly affects how well a company does in its industry. Poor customer service can severely hinder a business. Keep reading to learn about some of the worst customer service practices of all time so you can avoid them with your own company.

Poor Customer Service Representatives
179039030Not everyone is cut out for a job in customer service. It is very important to take your time hiring people who can handle dealing directly with your customers. You might want to ask some practice questions during the interview that help you determine how a candidate will react in certain customer service situations. You should also work with new hires until you are sure they are ready to interact with customers.

Short Training Periods
Some companies only train their employees about customer service for a day or two. If you really want your staff to be able to interact with your customers, you have to make training an ongoing part of the job. As you continue to learn about new ways to offer customer service, you should share it with your staff so they can maintain the right kind of communication with your clients.

Difficulty Reaching a Business
Customer Service Meltdown - YouTubeCustomers get very frustrated when they cannot reach a company when they want to talk to someone. If you want to optimize the potential of your customer service, you have to find ways to make your company more available to the public. Whether you work with an answering service or hire more customer service representatives, expanding your reachability will vastly improve the way your customers view your company.

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