3 Tips For Attorney’s Contact Us Pages

Many people turn to the Internet when dealing with legal issues with which they do not have much experience. Many of these people end up finding an attorney through their Internet searches, making it important for all attorneys to build a strong online presence featuring excellent customer service. Use this guide to improve your contact us page and attract more clients: 

Keep Your Phone Number Visible

Website visitors can’t call you if they don’t have your number! Keeping your phone number visible is essential for providing clients with the information they need to contact you and ask about your services. Make sure your phone number is in an easy-to-see location that viewers can find with no trouble and in no time. Select a simple font and a color that stands out from the website background. This will ensure that all clients will be able to spot and recognize your phone number without any confusion.

Provide a Colorful Call-to-Action Button

Calling may be the most traditional way to contact businesses, but it is not the only option for clients today. A lot of your website visitors will appreciate having other ways to contact you. That is why it is a good idea to include multiple types of contact information on this page of your website. A colorful call-to-action button is sure to catch your visitors’ eyes and inspire them to contact your office. This button can link to an email address, a live chat system, or an appointment calendar.

Use a Trusted Call Center

Make sure the people who contact you through your website are heard as soon as possible by utilizing a trusted call center. This service allows clients to speak with professionals who can take their contact information or even schedule appointments. Enhance your customer service by choosing an answering service with after hours support so clients can contact you any time they browse your website!

Learn more about the benefits of using a call center service by calling Contact One Call Center. Check us out online for a look at our customer services or call us today at 1-800-278-3347!

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