What to Look for in A Medical Answering Service

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When you are operating a medical practice, it is important to have an answering service that gives your patients the support they need. Due to confidentiality regulations and the urgent nature of medical calls, a medical answering service must be evaluated in great detail. When choosing an answering service for your practice, look for the following features:

Bilingual Customer Service. If you have any number of Spanish-speaking patients visiting your office, then you should implement a bilingual messaging system to support their native language. Look for a bilingual answering service, where specialists possess both written and oral Spanish communication skills. This will ensure that you receive accurate messages and provide best-in-class care to bilingual patients.


All-Day Live Support. An answering service is designed to be there when you cannot. In a busy medical office, most personnel are occupied with patient intake and paperwork. Find an answering service that offers 24/7 support, so that patients can always get through to a real person without a wait. If a patient has a medical need or question in the middle of the night, then he or she should be able to reach your answering service. Speaking with a live representative, regardless of the time of day, can make patients feel more confident about their care.


HIPAA Compliance. If its medical answering service does not comply with HIPAA regulations, then a medical practice may face serious legal and regulatory risks. To ensure confidentiality and compliance it is crucial to find an answering service with built-in HIPAA compliance checks. Look for a call center with more than 10 years of experience in the medical industry and in-house regulatory expertise.


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