4 Call Center Services to Help Small Businesses Thrive

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Do you own a small business? If so, then you likely handle a lot of the responsibilities all on your own. Many small businesses that have been successful have found that with success comes even more responsibility, leaving them in need of some extra help. You can find this extra help with the call center services available from Contact One Call Center, which include these wonderful services:


  1. Call screening and overflow. It can be challenging for some businesses to take every call that they receive every day. If your business regularly receives more calls than you can take, then Contact One Call Center can help you! Our friendly and experienced staff can take your overflow calls and provide answers and excellent service to these clients and potential future clients.


  1. Live chat. A lot of today’s consumers prefer doing business online. Your small business clients may be more likely to contact you through your website than over the phone, which is why it is so important to have a great Web presence. Our live online chat service can easily be added to your website, allowing your clients to get quick answers to any of their questions.


  1. Order-taking for e-commerce businesses. Who says you have to increase your business hours in order to make more sales? You can still provide your clients with the ability to purchase what they want, when they want with the ease and convenience of online shopping thanks to Contact One Call Center. Our order-taking services allow your clients to browse through your inventory and make purchases any time, day or night.


  1. Bilingual support. According to the United States Census Bureau, there are approximately 35 million U.S. residents who speak Spanish at home. Many of these residents also speak English, but it is still important to consider the population that primarily speaks Spanish. You can cater to the needs of your Spanish-speaking clients with bilingual support from Contact One Call Center.


These are just some of the after-hours and support services available from Contact One Call Center. Learn more about our answering services by calling us today at 1-800-278-3347.

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