The Importance of Offering Bilingual Support for Your Customers

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We live in a global world, and this is true even when you are operating a small business. Though your company may be based just in one office, you could attract customers from all over the country—and the world—if your marketing plan, website, and customer service are up to par. In order to grow your customer base, you must have a customer service team that goes above and beyond to provide customer satisfaction. To do this, you first must be able to communicate with your customers. Read on to learn why offering bilingual support for your customers is so important.

A Changing World

Though English is the most commonly spoken language in the U.S., there is an increasing number of people who speak a different language. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the Hispanic population in the country grew by 43% between 2000 and 2010, meaning that there are more bilingual or Spanish-only speakers here than ever before. Offering bilingual support shows that your business is aware of what’s happening in the country, and makes a good impression on your potential customers.

Increased Customer Base

If you have a great product, the fact that someone speaks a different language should not prohibit them from buying or enjoying what you sell. Having a bilingual option in your customer support team can increase your sales, as the language barrier will no longer exist and your customer can get answers to his questions. Bilingual customer service is just another example of good customer service, which can set your company apart from the competition.

Valuing Your Customers

The last thing you should ever say to a potential customer is “no.” However, if you don’t have a bilingual person on your customer service team, you could end up turning people away. Instead of watching potential sales go out the door, respect your customer and your business by saying “yes” to providing bilingual support.

Whether you have a health care, real estate, or tourism business, Contact One Call Center offers you bilingual customer support to improve your customer experience and increase your client base. Contact us at 800-278-3347 to learn more about why you should consider letting us handle your customer service.

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