Good Customer Service is Vital


If there is one thing entrepreneurs can agree on, it is the fact that good customer service is vital in running a business.


What is customer service?

Customer service encompasses all the policies you have that concerns your customers, from the way of greeting them to strategies in handling their complaints.

Quality customer service is all about making customers feel valued/important and appreciated by your business.


Why is it important?

Everyday you are competing with other businesses for your customer’s money and loyalty. Providing good customer service consistently can help you gain your customer’s loyalty.

It is far costlier to find new customers than keeping the ones you have. Plus, it helps in reducing turnover (employees are more likely to quit their jobs if they often have to deal with dissatisfied/angry customers).


Providing Good Customer Service

Good customer service begins in the attitude of your employees towards your customers, which also reflects the kind of training you have for them.

Employees who are specifically trained in the art of quality customer service are more likely to provide satisfaction to customers.

Aside from providing customer service training, you can also ensure good customer service by hiring the right people, developing customer service policies, and doing surveys among your customers from time to time.

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