Important Steps for Handling Customer Complaints

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iStock_000011593639XSmallCustomer service is an essential aspect of any business. If you have a uniform method for handling customer complaints, you can create an organized system that helps you maintain positive relationships with your clients. Consider adding the following steps into your own customer service model to improve the way you handle customer complaints.

Take the Time to Listen

No matter what kind of complaint you receive, it is important to listen to what the customer is saying. There is no way to find a solution for the customer’s problem unless you really understand why they are upset. If you take the time to really listen to your customers, they will feel like you are making an effort to help them.

Apologize Without Making Excuses

It can be infuriating for a customer to complain about something and feel like a company is trying to put them blame back onto them. Even if your company is not at fault, you should apologize for the customer’s inconvenience. Do not try to make an excuse for why the issue occurred. Instead, move on to more positive topics like trying to find a solution that works for everyone. If you can avoid placing blame or making excuses, it helps you keep up good relationships with your customers.

Give Everyone the Power to Work Toward a Solution

If your staff has to go through a chain of command to rectify a problem, it can be frustrating for the employees and for the customer. Anyone who manages an answering service should have the ability to solve a customer’s problem without having to jump through a lot of hoops to do it.

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