What Happens When You Don’t Pick Up the Phone?


In the information age, accessibility is one of the most important factors that customers look for in a company. When you and your employees do not pick up the phone, you are dampening your customer service and potentially losing some clients.

Read on below to find out what happens when you don’t pick up the phone and how this mistake can greatly hinder your business success:

Lack of a real human voice. Customers prefer to talk to a real person when they take the time to call your company. If they are only able to reach an automated voicemail, they may become frustrated. Many people will not even make the effort to leave message.  If you hire a call center to answer your phones when your employees cannot, you will be able to win those customers who may have been discouraged by receiving your voicemail.

Frustrating busy signals or wait times. With call waiting and answering services so readily available, a busy signal or long wait is a major deterrent to any customer, even if they are very loyal to your company. Instead of struggling to answer all of your calls in a timely manner, reach out to an expert call center for help. With a call center’s secure messaging and live chat services, your customers can always get the help they need and get their questions answered. Avoid busy signals completely with daily support from the call center.

Unable to make a transaction. When a customer picks up the phone to call your business, they are a very warm prospect, ready to make a purchase or engage with your organization. If they cannot get your company on the phone right away, customers are likely to quickly Google your competitors and call them instead. Hiring a call center service to answer the phone when you cannot helps your business to convert more customers and maintain a competitive edge.

An in-person interaction with interested customers can be the difference between a sale and a lost customer. Contact One Call Center is here to maximize your customer service. With answering services, order taking, reservations, and live chats, we help you stay in contact with your customers. To learn more, please call (800) 278-3347.

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