Call Center Tips for Handling Stressful Customer Conversations

What do you do when a customer confronts you with a problem or complaint? This can be one of the trickiest and most stressful situations for a business owner.

At Contact One Call Center, we specialize in diffusing stressful conversations. Our customer service team follows these four steps for handling stressful customer interactions. These tips can help any business owner to provide top-notch support and service.

1. Don’t Get Emotional

If you elevate your tone and messaging to the same angry and emotional level as the customer, it will spell disaster. Even if the customer is irate, maintain a calm and serious demeanor.

2. Listen Well

Be sure to let an angry customer vent and articulate their problem in full. Listen actively so you can be ready with the right steps and solutions to remedy the person’s problem. Reassure the customer you are listening by asking any necessary questions and nodding or verbalizing that you can hear them.

3. Express Understanding

A good practice is to wait until the customer has finished explaining a problem. Then rephrase their problem by saying, “Let me be sure I understand you correctly,” or “As I understand it,” before reiterating their issue. This step can help ensure that you do grasp the problem and have identified what’s frustrating the person on the other end of the phone. It also shows that you are empathetic.

4. Find A Solution

Identify the best solution for the problem at hand. Present a solution to the customer as soon as you can, and let him know what the timeline will be like for implementing the solution. After the conversation, when the customer’s problem has been remedied, take measures to follow up with him and find out if all of his needs have been met. This way, you can provide additional support or services if the customer is still not satisfied.

If your business needs assistance handling incoming calls, orders, or appointment setting, then get in touch with Contact One Call Center at (800) 278-3347. We offer customer service and support for businesses and medical and legal practices.

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