Here’s the History of Call Centers

Call centers have been around in some form for about half a century, but they have changed to meet the demands of the times. They started making their way around the world just a few decades after they originated, and they have become an invaluable part of many modern businesses. Keep reading to learn about the history of call centers.

60s, 70s, and 80s

The first versions of call centers began springing up in the 1960s. It was during the latter part of the 1970s when they started to resemble the answering services we know and use today, and they continued to develop throughout the 80s. Long distance calling and toll-free numbers became more popular during this time, and the increase in telephone traffic led to an increase in call centers.

Expansion and the 90s

Once people started recognizing the benefits of call centers, this service began to expand around the world. Since people had also begun calling businesses with everyday inquiries at this point, the value of a call center became more and more clear. As technology continued to advance, call centers adjusted with the times.

Modern Call Centers

Today’s call centers and answering services are as high-tech and versatile as they can be. There are now plenty of other ways to get information or set appointments, but many people still prefer using the phone. If you are often worried about missing a call and the sale that could have come out of it, it is probably time to work with a call center. They take some of the load off employees’ shoulders while making sure customers get the service they are looking for.

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