Live Chat that Isn’t Live Isn’t Live Chat!

As more businesses create more attractive and easy-to-use websites, they are also looking to provide new forms of customer service. Live chat provides a simple and effective way for companies to interact with customers and improve their experience with products and services. Learn the difference between automated live chat and real live chat before enhancing your website:

What is Automated Live Chat?

Customers are always looking for easy ways to get the information they need about different products and services. That is why so many businesses have put more focus on their websites and social media profiles. Many of these businesses choose automated live chat, hoping to provide more assistance to online visitors. Automated live chat typically includes a chat box where customers can enter their questions. The chat service is trained to look for keywords and figure out the most appropriate response.

What is Real Live Chat?

Automated live chat is not really live, so it is not really live chat! Real live chat uses a similar chat box system, but features a real person on the other end instead of a keyword-based computer system. These systems allow customers to ask real questions instead of relying on keywords that are the most related to what they want. Real people read these questions and provide accurate responses instead of searching through a computer database filled with automated responses.

Why Do Customers Use Live Chat?

Customers do not always have the time to call companies during their regular business hours. This leaves many customers unable to get their questions answered, potentially leading them to turn to a different company. Live chat is an incredibly useful service that allows customers to get the information they need on their schedules. Providing a real person makes it easier for customers, which in turn leaves a better impression of your company!

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