Call Center vs Contact Center

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It is not too uncommon for one of our clients ask “What is the the difference between a call center and contact center?”.

The big difference is, traditional call centers handle a variety of inbound or outbound calls for a specific company. These calls can can range from orders, customer service or billing calls, even tech support and more. On the other hand contact centers process customer requests from a variety of means. This includes, of course telephone calls, as well as emails, and on line chats. Having said that many call centers today, including Contact One, are really contact centers that have ability to assist consumers by whichever means is most convenient for them.

Why would a business want to use a contact center? When a business provides several ways for customers to interact with them, the company makes it easier for consumers to do business with them. Essentially that business removes all barriers to do business with them. Consider for a moment, that not every person wants to use a self service website. Even with the convenience of technology, a lot of people prefer to purchase goods in person. Still, some individuals like to speak on the phone with the business, it gives them greater assurance that the company will deliver on their promises.The interaction over the phone or in person could help be the deciding factor in the purchase. When customers are comparing products on competing websites, having the ability to chat with representative on line can make the difference between gaining a customer or losing one. It is important to consider that price is not always the deciding factor when making a purchase.

Today’s consumers want convenience, if you make it easy for customers to buy your product or service you just might be surprised by the positive affect it has on your bottom line. If you are a small business considering using a call center or rather contact center like Contact One we can handle all of the above, chat, email and call center support. We have been assisting customers by whatever means of communication they choose for over 3 decades, that’s before any one knew what a “website” or “online order” was.

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