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I just got back from a wonderful fly fishing trip on on the San Juan River.  My guide Jeremy Nolan of Heads Up Fly Fishing has elevated my expectation of customer service. We spent a total of  16 hours on the river with Jeremy, when you think about it how often do you hire a small business to provide a service that you spend 8 hours in one day with that person. Providing this level of service could be daunting for most people. Imaging for a moment your are in a boat 14 feet long and with two other people and your job is row the boat (up stream at times), tie flys on a line the size of a human hair, untangle knots, find fish, net fish, release fish, and provide a nice lunch for your client. Not to mention provide door to door pickup and drop off of your client and teach your 13 year old son how to fly fish. After all that you must prepare for the next day, since your client (me) lost about a dozen flys on on trees, rocks, logs and every other natural obstacle within 50 feet of the boat, you need to go home and tie more flies.

Let me  categorized what Jeremy’s service offering provides. Teacher, Cook, Taxi Service, Manufacturer, and last but not least Guide Service. Not to many small businesses provide this level of service or could.

When I consider all that Jeremy provides to his clients, I came away thinking what more can I offer my clients. In an age where many businesses try to see if they can reduce the amount of service they provide, Jeremy is raising the bar.




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