What to Look for in an Answering Service

Bringing in an outside answering service is a big decision for business owners, but can be a great addition. Experienced answering services like Contact One can improve customer service experiences, increase sales, and save you time and money. If you are considering hiring an outside answering service, look for a company with these attributes

     1. Excellent Customer Service

When evaluating answering services, first consider the level of service you receive from them! Our priority at Contact One is to train every agent in customer service and phone etiquette because we know that without satisfied customers, an answering service loses its value. There’s no room in a competitive market for subpar customer service. You should also ask prospective vendors about their customer service principles and escalation protocols.

      2. Transparency

Look for an answering service that provides complete transparency, taking work off your plate, but keeping you up to date on all necessary information from calls received. Contact One becomes part of your team. Our job is to answer the calls that you can’t, answer questions about your business, and direct callers to the appropriate person/department if they require more assistance. The only thing you will be missing is the burden of answering the calls. Any important information will be sent to the business owner (or other management as directed). When interviewing an answering service, ask what types of detailed call reports you can expect to receive and at what frequency.

     3. Knowledge in Your Industry

Look for answering services that specialize in your industry. Contact One has worked for decades with clients in the healthcare, legal, spa and salon, real estate, and contractor industries. Our receptionists will know the things your employees know, and they’ll be able to answer the questions your employees can answer. Ask the answering service about their experience in your field, and what their industry-specific training protocols include.

     4. Price

Many business owners don’t realize that the cost of hiring a full-time receptionist is typically considerably higher than the cost of utilizing Contact One’s services. We offer customized packages based on your business’ needs and offer flat-rate services. Answering services should be able to explain their fees and rates to you and what their contract entails (long-term service agreement, month-to-month, etc.).

     5. Live Receptionists and Live Chat

Many consumers still prefer to speak with a live person when they have a question or a problem when setting an appointment. In a survey conducted by The Marketing Scope, 62 percent of consumers prefer to talk to a human rather than a machine. That’s where Contact One comes in. Your customers will never experience long wait times and always speak to a real person. And if your business also needs live chat tools, our team can provide those, too.


If you think Contact One could be the answering service for your business, contact us! Experience our first-class customer service yourself by calling (877) 959-0158, or visit our website and chat with us, or contact us by email https://contactonecallcenter.com/contact/.


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