Small Business Success Story: WRAPPED

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141213711Small businesses that have succeeded in their industry give other startup companies hope. WRAPPED is one of these successful businesses. Keep reading to find out how this paper goods company has managed to stand out in their industry:

They Do what they Do Best

WRAPPED founders Ryland Arnoldi and Sam Seidman have always had a passion for art. Although they were both on the path toward big careers in the financial industry, they wanted to create products that combined artistic appeal with a natural edge. By combining their efforts, Arnoldi and Seidman managed to turn this passion into a business that creates beautiful, artistic pieces of wrapping paper and paper goods.

They Maintain an Active Role in the Business

Instead of leaving all of their business decisions to others, Arnoldi and Seidman worked together to maintain an active role in their company. By taking control of these important decisions, they were in charge of everything having to do with their business. If you want to find success as a small business, it is imperative to retain a controlling stake in the decisions that affect your company.

They Found a Niche for their Product

The founders of WRAPPED were smart enough to choose a product that spoke to a wide range of potential investors. Instead of compromising and molding their product to the market, they went out and found investors who wanted to give them money for the products they wanted to create.

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