Top Buzzwords in Call Center Technology

156904630Call centers offer important customer service help that makes it easier to interact with your customers. Keep reading to learn about some of the most popular buzzwords in call center technology so you know what to expect when you sign up for this service.

Automatic Call Distributor
The automatic call distributor handles all of the incoming calls and sends them to the appropriate location. Most call centers develop a list of handling instructions and rely on skill-based routing technology to ensure that the automatic call distributor can send the calls to the right location.

Issue Tracking System
This system is designed to record customer service calls so businesses can keep records of any issues. Recording the information helps managers and the rest of the staff track the progress of the issue to make sure it is properly handled.

Knowledge Base
When you outsource answering services to a call center, they often require a list of important information about the business so they can handle all customer calls. This knowledge base ensures that the people at the call center can properly communicate with your customers and give them the right information when they call in with a question or a concern.

Speech Analytics
These applications help businesses determine the needs of their customers so they can figure out how to handle them. This technology can figure out cost savings, determine new ideas that can improve products, and find new sales opportunities. These applications can also alert you to competitive situations and help you figure out why customers stop working with your business.

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