Small Business Success Story: Hillcrest Media Group

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iStock_000015185872XSmallSome businesses go with the flow. Others create their own flow. If your small business is looking for new ways to obtain success, you can look to today’s successful small businesses for guidance. Read about Hillcrest Media Group to get started.

What is Hillcrest Media Group?
Hillcrest Media Group is a publishing company that offers an assortment of helpful services to authors and collaborators. Unlike other publishers that take more than their fair share of profits, Hillcrest Media Group puts the author first to ensure a smooth and successful publishing process. This company also helps authors find the right marketing strategies to attract buyers and get their books out there to the readers!

Who Started Hillcrest Media Group?
Mark Levine gained interest in the publishing world after publishing his own book about self-publishing! After seeing the success and realizing there was a spot in the market for a publisher that cares more about authors than making money, Levine started Mill City Press back in 2006. Eventually, Mill City Press became the starting point for a larger company known as Hillcrest Media Group.

How Did It Become Successful?
By offering something totally different from the competition, Hillcrest Media Group was able to become a pioneer of a totally new style of service! Authors no longer had to pay a fee just to get their book published only to share profits with their publishers—now they could work with Hillcrest Media Group and get the profits they deserved.

How Can This Story Help Your Business?
Excellent customer service is part of the reason why Hillcrest Media Group is so successful. Keeping your customer in mind and making sure they get what they need and want can help your business become more successful! Contact One Call Center can help you handle your customer service responsibilities so you can focus on other elements of success. We specialize in call center services as well as secure messaging, chats, and more. Take a look at our website or call us at 1-800-278-3347 to learn more.

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