Small Business Success Story: Zane’s Cycles

143081825A great business model, wonderful products, and excellent customer service create the perfect combination for a successful small business. Read on to see how this combination worked for Chris Zane and Zane’s Cycles in Connecticut.

What is Zane’s Cycles?
Zane’s Cycles is an incredibly popular bicycle store located in Branford, Connecticut. Opened in 1981, Zane’s Cycles has transformed from a small and simple hobby shop to one of the area’s most impressive and inspiring bicycle distribution stores. Today, Zane’s Cycles offers everything needed for bikers of all ages and skill levels. Inventory includes clothing, shoes, accessories, and bicycle parts. Zane’s also offers bike fittings and hosts group rides and special events.

Who Started Zane’s Cycles?
Every small business success story has a beginning. This one began when 12-year-old Chris Zane started working on bikes in his parents’ garage. Just 4 years later, Chris convinced his family to help him finance the purchase of a failing bike shop. The family worked together to bring a new life and personality to the shop, transforming it into Zane’s Cycles.

How Did It Become Successful?
Chris Zane was not the average 16-year-old when he decided to start his own business. That is a big part of how this store became so successful. With his family’s help, Chris was able to turn his beloved hobby into a successful profession. During his days at school, Chris’ mom would watch over the shop. Once the school day ended, Chris would appear and put in the hard work required to attract customers and provide excellent service.

How Can This Story Help Your Business?
Zane’s Cycles is now a million dollar business. You can take inspiration from this story to help your own small business find success! Working hard and finding the right support system is essential for maintaining a strong business and gaining success in the future.

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